Postcard from Cuba

Old Havana View
Old Havana View


I have been sitting in my hotel room for the last hour trying to think of what to tell you about Havana and of Cuba.

The short of it is that it is exactly the same and completely different than I imagined. There are old buildings that haven’t been taken care of and those that have been restored so well that seeing them brings tears to my eyes, they are so beautiful. Of course, I also find the beauty in the ones that are falling down.

The food is worse than I expected – I was thinking it would be alright. There are no vegan options, and few vegetarian. I have felt hungry more often than not, even when full of rice and beans. I am craving vegetables! Lots and lots of fresh vegetables that aren’t deep fried. I have had a few good meals and one great.

The cars are fascinating. The older later 50’s era vehicles have definitely been patched and repainted quite a bit, but it is neat to see. Interspersed with these older cars (a status symbol) are new imports. There is little traffic, and roads are in good condition.

Hasta Luego!

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