Norway, Day One

It’s gray and raining here and I have a feeling that this is often the case.  People seem to either be prepared with rainjackets and umbrellas or to go on with their walking unfazed. 

The strangest thing happened at the airport.  I got off the plane, picked up my luggage and walked out the door for nothing to declare.  All of a sudden I was at the exit.  No questions.  No passport check.  No stamp.  No ‘look this way’ as they snap your photo to compare to a database of terrorists.  Does Oslo trust Amsterdam to not let bad people on the plane?  The only person I saw working was on the side where you could declare goods taken into the country and she looked like she hadn’t seen action in awhile.

I almost feel guilty about this ease of transit.  First, I get to keep my shoes on going through security in Amsterdam, and now no one harrasses me into the country?!  What is the world coming to?

Maybe the Norwegians rely on their rediculous prices to keep bad people out.  69 Kroner (~11.50 USD) for a glass of house wine.  Holy Crap.  Of course the struggling US dollar doesn’t help the situation.  At least the wine tastes good.  If it didn’t I might be more pissed about the cost.  It is definitely a different experience going from having the A/C on full blast to wondering if you can turn on the heat in the hotel room…

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