Why do I feel so tired after getting 11 hours of sleep?  It feels like waking up in the middle of the night even though it is 9AM,  Oh, wait, it is the middle of the night.  To my jet-lagged body at least.  Somehow I have managed to eat, shower, repack my suitcase, meditate and get down to the dock in an hour and a half.  I think this is pretty quickly considering I feel like my eyes need to close. 

At the dock I am waiting to catch the 91 ferry to Bygdoy for the museums.  Standing on the floating dock, I find myself moving gently with the water. 

Sitting in the warm sun while waiting for the boat is nice.  It reminds me of spring and the desire to get outside at every opportunity.

Remembering back to my trip to Kenya in January, I try to casually slid up my pant leg so that the back of my knees are exposed to the morning sun.  I remember someone saying that this was the trick to getting over jet-lag.

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