Don’t miss the nature.

On my flight from Amsterdam I had a nice conversation with Björn, an oil rig trainee heading home to Skein, Norway.  We had a number of interesting topics to discuss during the course of the trip and the one I find the most interesting is what not to miss while visiting Norway.

I asked him ‘Björn, if there is one thing I should make sure to see while here, what is it?’

He replied ‘The nature!’

I was admittedly surprised.  I was expecting something different.  I am not sure what, but I was not expecting that. 

I guess maybe I have more often found the answer to that question to be check out this area of the city, this restaurant, this store…  Even when visiting and area known for its outdoor beauty.

But then the guidebook backed this up by roughly saying the same thing ‘be sure to spend time outdoors.’ 

I shouldn’t be surprised.  In Oslo you are able to take the subway to nearby lakes and hiking trails in the mountains, and there are tons of parks all over the city.  There are also boats, and ferries to take you to nearby islands and less populated areas.  Sweet!

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