At Schipol or ‘up all night?’

While hunting for a flight to Norway I came across one that was $300 less than the rest.  I was thrilled because the trip seemed to get more expensive by the moment.  The down side of the ticket was a 12-20 hour layover in Amsterdam.  At the time I thought that sounded like a great idea – go in to the city, check out a museum, eat, go to bed, and then fly out the next morning. 

Reality has struck. 

I enjoyed my long walk around the city.  By the afternoon I wasn’t really feeling my initial plan of staying at a hostel.   Sharing space with strangers can be interesting and entertaining for sure, and hostels are great.  I just didn’t want to wake up at 5AM or earlier to shower and catch a train into the city.  My boarding time is 6:46AM, you see.  I would rather be in the airport and know that the morning noises will wake me up eventually as well as the alarm that I am setting. 

Some thoughts about how to spend the night…
– walk the terminal to get some exercise and tire myself out a little
– read the second book in the Twilight series ‘New Moon’
– find one of those great lounge chairs that the airport has and crash for a few hours
– stay up all night in efforts to get myself  back on East Coast time

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