San Diego Arrival

Lights sparkle over the water, it’s rippling effect creating a light show that seems to dance across the harbor. A sailboat glides by to find its place at the docks.

I got here an hour and a half ago. Knowing I would need to wait for a colleague to arrive at the airport, I asked around to find a place to wait.

The first time I asked that question the answer was to turn left, go down the road and you’ll find a Starbucks. Since that wasn’t really the kind of thing that I wanted to end up doing, with my interest in supporting local businesses before big chains, I was a little disappointed.

On a whim, just before I left the car rental place, I asked for a second time where could I go? The answer this time around was different. The attendant at the exit guided me to go right to the harbor.

While on my drive towards towards Anthony’s, the fish place that the attendant had recommended, I not iced a sign on the left side of the road that advertised the entrance to a solar or wind company. Regardless of what they were selling the message was clear to me I was heading in the right direction.

As I walked down the sidewalk ‘I want to know what love is’ was broadcast from a radio mounted on a bike taxi.

Sitting on the outside deck of Anthony’s, looking in on the more formal diners, I knew that on the deck with a Corona and Fish Taquitos, I was in the best spot the place had. Combined with the music, the lights on the harbor, and the atmosphere, I felt reaffirmed in every moment the feeling I got driving in town. I was in the right place.

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