Branding Me

I am finding myself in an interesting situation.   I am a writer, consultant, experiential educator, teacher, facilitator, advisor, and a multitude of other descriptors.  I love to do a gazillion different things. What others consider an insurmountable problem, I consider a challenge and something to delve into.  I smile at  an opportunity to re-think or reimagine.  Problem solving makes my eyes sparkle as does learning a new language.

I work with non-profits, for-profits, educational institutes, and planning departments; really, just about everyone.  I can create and compile the information necessary to request a loan, read a financial statement, develop interactive education designed to create social change, keep a classroom of 12-year-old boys enthralled for an hour and a half talking about sustainability, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

My current challenge is looking at marketing and branding myself in order to more efficiently explain to people what it is that I do.   I am exploring this so I can simply explain to someone my current three projects and additional volunteer affiliations.   Even more important I would like to give someone a business card that sticks in their memory because it deeply resonates with who I am and what I stand for.

I realize that this is important time to spend even though the results are likely to be something as simple and mundane as a business card, a logo on a website, letterhead on which to mail out my bills.  Well, it’s going to be difficult for me to narrow down my focus from the broad to the narrow. However, spending time thinking about what is the most important to me in the direction that I want my life and my energy to go in will be overall a great benefit to my career and what I’m trying to accomplish. So I’m glad that it’s come to this even though it will take hours.

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