Christmas Wish List

This year on my wish list for Christmas is for my loved ones to spend less money on me, since buying new gifts can be unnecessarily financially draining.

In order to receive this gift of less waste, I let my family know that used items in good condition would be happily accepted.  I find it fascinating what can be found for free if you just ask. On the internet, Freecycle enables people to connect about items they have and need.  Taking the initiative to be open with those you know about what your needs are could potentially turn up that perfect gift lightly or entirely unused and in storage.

I think it is great when my family can trade, barter, or find someone giving away what they otherwise would have to buy.  This wish of mine also spurred me to look through my own belongings for lightly used items that I no longer or never have used.

Me, a long time ago
Me, a long time ago

Other thoughts on a more sustainable and earth-friendly holiday.

Gift Wrap:

  1. Wrapping gifts in reusable bags which the recipient can either keep, give back or pass along to another person in need
  2. Opting to not wrap gifts at all (can be challenging if you don’t know the person well)
  3. Wrapping in old newspaper or paper bags and then coloring or painting on any additional decoration or adding a simple ribbon.

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