Why the purge?

So I am creating a new blog to talk about the process of purging the pantry.  There is a need to get through all the food that is in there.  I’m not even sure how it ended up being so much in the first place.  Well I guess I do know…  I mean, so I’m a foodie.  I love to eat.  I love to try new things.  I love to have different varieties of the same thing around for the subtle difference in flavor and also because what if I am craving green olives flavored with garlic and lemon and I only have pitted kalamata?!  It would be a crisis.  Or would it?

Between my roomie, Chaos, and I there are 8 varieties of salt in the house. The pantry has things in it like preserved lemons, peach jam that I made this past year, dried fruit, a wide variety of grains, and a ton of TVP (texturized vegetable protein.)

While man can not live on bread alone, I wouldn’t have to based on my stock.  Looking around the kitchen yesterday – yet again – for some space to put away the latest grocery trip spurred me into action.

The challenge is to see how long can I go without buying more food and only using what is in the house.

Immediately there have to be exceptions, and not just because this seems a little daunting, but because there are parties and other dinners planned and paid for.
The exceptions are:
-Any commitment must be honored, but no more can be made (that would be cheating.)
-Using gift certificates to eat out are OK to use as long as they were purchased before today.

I was a little worried about taking this on because I have a roommate and a boyfriend and they would have to agree to go along with this to some extent because we often do meals together. Fortunately they are into this so far and are joining my effort to purge the pantry.

The point of this exercise is to
-eat the food I already have before it goes bad
-work on seeing what enough looks like

I recognize that I have some kind of food issues.  I have to.  I mean, really, I know that I don’t need five varieties of rice.  But I always seem to buy and have more than I know I need.

But its truffle butter! And the price is so cheap!!

Frankly, I am pretty darn curious about how long I can go.  It’s kind of a fun challenge.

While I don’t expect to be eating graham cracker and clove sandwiches after two weeks like my friend Josh seems to think, I wonder how much I really have sitting around.

**Read more about this challenge in sustainable consumption at purgingthepantry.wordpress.com.

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