Compassion for Haiti and Chile

In response to the Haitian earthquake I have been working on making plans to get down on the ground to volunteer with Amurt.  While waiting for those plans to solidify, I woke up this morning to news that a massive 8.8 earthquake hit Chile.  I still plan to head to Haiti to help out, but now my prayers and love are being sent to both places.

Unlike Haiti, I have connections to Chile through my close college friend whose children live there.  It was with his family in mind this morning that compassionate tears rolled down my face.  I hope for good news and soon.  But in the meantime, I can be there for my friend and make sure that he gets the support that he needs while so far away from his much loved little ones.  I can rally our friends to make sure that if he wants to or needs to that he can either fly his kids to the States or can head down to be with them.

My heart goes out to my friend because I know him.  It is hard enough being seperated from  your children without having a disaster happen.  Now?

In this moment while I am aware of my compassion I think also of the people of Haiti and those around the world whose lives are affected by natural disasters.  My actions are clear in the case of my friend, less so when there is not a personal relationship.  How do we positively act on our compassionate desire to help when faced with poverty, catastrophe, and injustice?

I know my path right now includes flying to Haiti and rallying support around my friend’s beautiful children in Chile. Understanding that there are others around the world whose lives also need help, I will continue to do my best in my daily work to find ways of addressing this need.

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