Are the ideas behind Earth Day ‘over the hill’ or mainstream?

In a world where everyone seems to be trying to gain clout by claiming ‘greenness’ one would think that the concepts which drove the founding of the first Earth Day 40 years ago must not only be in the forefront of our minds, but prevalent everywhere we look.  While there does seem to be a growing number of individuals whose lives and work is towards the betterment of the planet, have we yet reached the tipping point that care for the planet and each other is a mainstream, fully-embraced concept?

Over these forty years, several generations have been reached by this pro-earth message, and yet we still buy SUV’s and spend money on slave-made items to beautify our too-large homes.  This shows me that the first world continues to struggle to make sure that our current level of over-consumption doesn’t destroy the planet.

While most of my messages are positive and looking for change and making change better, I can’t help but having a little sadness when I think about this.

But if all I can do is act for myself, I will, and I do.

  • I act by not giving up hope that we can have fulfilling, rich lives without destroying the planet that supports us.
  • I continue to study and learn the best ways to enlighten and teach others.
  • I continue to live more and more lightly every day.
  • I drive momentum forward in a way that my actions and thoughts effect the well-being of people and the planet on a large scale.
  • I continue to open my life to love and making space for developing my spirituality.

What do you do?

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