The Challenge of Teaching to the Future

When designing curriculum and lessons I try to remind myself that we are teaching the leaders of tomorrow.  They will hold jobs that probably do not yet exist.  They will live in a world that we can not even begin to imagine, and yet, that is our task.  Prepare the students for something about which we know little to nothing.  There is certainly not a proficiency exam for this, unlike those that you must take to obtain a license in your chosen specialty.

What a daunting task.

The speed of life seems to be increasing.  Innovations come faster.  Engineering students first year knowledge is invalid by their third year.  So while we can certainly go forward by imagining what might be in the future, it seems that it might make more sense to make sure that we raise adaptable students, who are creative and can assess and meet any challenge they might face with systems thinking and an eye to sustainability.

Still a little daunting to think about, but I believe that is a much more manageable challenge and one which we can begin to incorporate into class tomorrow.

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