Dude, Where’s My Luggage?

A multitude of frustrations with my flight into Port au Prince.  I was arriving to help out and instead I was the one asking for help on my first five days.

This all started because on my way to Port au Prince my luggage was not put on the plane with me. While normally this might be understandable, since it was the third leg of my trip, I had picked up my luggage the night before in the Dominican Republic and dropped it off in the morning so it was more like a single flight.

Now, as I’ve understood it law requires luggage to fly with a person, otherwise it is take off. Why was mine not put on my plane? And why was it not there the next day.  And why on subsequent days did I have no luck with anyone answering my phone calls to check to see if it came in? Five calls and none of them answered…

Ultimately, I got my luggage back.  I’ve never been so thankful for having a travel toiletries in my carry on before in my life. And I’ll never fly again without at least one outfit in my carry on.

I guess no matter how frustrating this was at the time it was also ok.  It was ok because I got to experience the generosity of the volunteers around me.  Every day someone handed me a clean set of clothing.  I literally felt like I was living in bounty during a time where I physically had nothing.  So in the end I was able to be shown that no matter what I always have what I need.  That’s pretty amazing and something for which I’m profoundly grateful.

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