No news is good news. Wait. Why is that?

Ever heard the phrase no news is good news?  This phrase to me makes it seem like the only news should be negative.  Well I don’t think so and neither does

Your Olive Branch is immersing itself into the information and communications realm as a portal of positive news at the intersection of peace and sustainability.  It is great because it effectively hits on the needs of so many who are dis-illusioned with the current offerings while providing a much needed nectar for those seeking nourishment for their soul.

Member blogs join the articles on the front page and anyone who is interested can join this social network/news website and get more connected.

What made me appreciate this amazing find even more than I already did was a flight I took.  You see, normally I can filter out the negative noise which fills the airwaves but today I was faced with it as I negotiated tables covered in newspapers and the news blaring on TVs all around me.  At one point I decided to pay attention because something caught me and I began to count.  After 8 disparaging stories in a row with no end in sight I had to tune out and get away.

How do people do it day in, day out?  Tragedy followed by scandal, pounding down on us.  No wonder it difficult to motive people to make positive changes, if the only information they are getting is bringing them down.

But I have hope.  As YOBO gets bigger and brings more people to the positive news about how the world is changing in wonderful ways, maybe the inspiration and motivation to create the world of our dreams will come to lead the news headlines!

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