Eastern States Exposition: The Big E

Last year my first year at the BIG E and since I could not muster up the desire to attend again this year, it might just be my last unless some changes are made.

The Big E is an awesome opportunity to reach out and share some of what is truly special about New England.  Music, arts, goods grown and made here, could all be featured in such a way to generate revenue, and encourage additional tourism and ‘local holidays.’

Sadly, this opportunity is missed because while you can see a really cool butter sculpture each year most of the Big E feels like it is dedicated to sell, sell, sell.

There is very little boost to the local economy when I’m buying cheap stuff from other parts of the world like Italian ceramics or East Indian decorations.  I don’t get a sense of what it is like to live in any of the states by their buildings because while there are tourism pamphlets all the big signs and places are about selling you something.

I urge the Big E to take a look at the opportunity that they have to promote community.  Re-thinking how the fair is set up by at least by adding features could greatly honor our culture and where we come from.  I would love to see this event become a rallying point about what is special about New England.

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