Redefining the Heroine

Traditionally the hero/ine was the achetype that comes in and saves the day when something has gone wrong or justice needs to be done.

To me, through the lens of sustainability and environmental justice, a heroine is a support for people who know they need help.   She enables organizations and groups of citizens, through facilitation and training, to create a better world for themselves. A better world which is based on the shared values and culture of the community and not what someone else thinks they should be.

The heroine of now is intelligent, knows when to ask for advice and collaborates as much as possible. She listens, drawing out of people the inner knowledge that they have of self and community. She supports imagination and creativity.

She is available to guide people through the process of negotiating how to get around/through challenges.

She is a quiet, firm leader.

You know that you could use her help. All you have to do is ask. The power to change the world is in your hands.

No gender, income level, or other issue gets in her way. She is the embodiment of hope and the nurturing that our communities need.

While I cannot claim Goddess like perfection, I do seek to become this heroine more and more every day.

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