Yes, and…

One of the rules to improvisational acting is to never say ‘no’ or ‘but.’  Why?  Well ‘no’ stops the flow of creativity.  It stops momentum.  The trick is to say ‘yes, and…’

Just like a good improv, brainstorming is facilitated by always saying yes.  Gathering all the nuggets of information and ideas before determining which is best or suits the situation the best. 

The minute you say no the improv ends.  The minute you say no in a brainstorming or other business meeting the energy leaves.

So think about this as you try to fuel creativity and innovation within you business or life.  Since, you are able to pull more and more potentially good information from people by encouraging them to continue, are you really doing that through your communication?

Are you saying ‘yes, and’ or ‘no, but’ in your life?

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