Meditation & Trust

I was at a workshop when one of the leaders, who I was having a good conversation with at the time, mentioned to me that the reason she meditated every day because then she could trust herself. I felt like she was on to something that I’ hadn’t thought of in that way before.

When you meditate you close out and quiet down the noise in the mind so that you can better listen to your body and soul wisdom.  You allow for time to listen.

We all want to be heard, and in conversation we practice listening to others, but how often do we listen to ourselves or our guiding voice?  Really listen, I mean.  For those who are spiritual, prayer is the time to talk to God/dess/ the Universe.  Do they also allow themselves the time to listen in that conversation?  I believe they should.

Coming out of meditation feels like stepping out of a bath, the elation after a long run, or waking up on the right side of the bed.  In that moment and afterwards you are influenced only by your heart. You are listening to you and not the worries in your head or the opinion of others.

And so, yes, meditating has health and a variety of other benefits to it, but also keep in mind that being able to trust yourself is one of those.

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