Making Change

Change is scary.   People balk at it.  They immediately don’t feel comfortable with it and yet here we are going in and telling everyone they need to change.

By using change in your terminology you are potentially taking away someone’s sense of security.  You are asking someone to consider that something they’ve held true is not.

I feel that the perspective we need to use is not one of creating change but one of creating good.   What about the approach of e are creating new wonderful organizations and instead of thinking of them as changing things any organization changes things were looking for things to be good.

As an example: Save money by switching to Geico.  I don’t make change a change to my auto insurance policy by doing this (even though I am.)  They are suggesting that I save money.  That is the motivator.

What is your current language around motivating people to connect with your business or organization?   Can you shift it so that it connects with a human motivation to thrive?

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