Facebook is losing its value to me.  After being on since 2005 I began to actively seek another option about a year ago and I really would like to leave, but feel stuck.

Some of the reason:

1) There is simply too much noise.  I miss so many updates from friends that it far eclipses the ones I do catch.

2) Many of the ‘friendships’ are meaningless to me but feel like a necessity to social and business networking.

3) Facebook owns, on some level, all my content – every Facebook message I’ve ever written is still there.

What good does it do me?
Right now, I still am happy to have found a reconnection with an old boyfriend that I still care about (no, I’m not trying to get him back,) a rediscovered a friend from age 5, and many others who have beautified the landscape of my life.

While these connections have been great, I’m not convinced. I’ll continue to look for a place to really connect with others, starting in my own backyard.

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