What’s your personality?

Brand Personality: What’s your personality?

Bart's Ice Cream Local Peach Ginger CISAOur businesses have a personality. In many ways they represent archetypes in our culture. For example take a look at locally owned Bart’s Ice Cream.  Bart is this young hip dude who is unique, into the local food movement, and likes to drink.

Choosing flavors for this company and marketing should be based on the brand they are trying to achieve. Based on the aforementioned and established personalities should Bart’s present a flavor like Rum Raisin? Isn’t that old fashioned? Well within his personality, Bart likes to drink, so Bart’s would only make rum raisin seasonally and with real rum.

Branding and Marketing is not just a way to reach your audience. It is a way to communicate what you are like as a company.  So what is your business like?

Snow's Nice Cream VanillaOther examples:
Snow’s Premium Ice Cream – Snow’s is your grandparent, steady, strong with flavors you can depend on who kicks up their heels every now and then with a young modern twist.

Create Beter Impact Games LogoCreate Better Impact Games – When coming up with this logo the idea was to bring in an element of fun and action and that was the visual symbol of the company.

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