Marry me.

Marry me: Why you should be transparent as a company.

The culture of your business should reflect transparently in the decisions that you make everyday.  Why?  Because as a business you are trying to develop a strong relationship with the consumer.  In any relationship who lets a Non-transparent person into their life for long? As soon as you realize that Wally Martin isn’t telling the full truth, it is a potentially fatal issue. What about WalMart?

Are you holding your companies accountable for their actions in the same way you hold  others accountable?

The culture of our businesses is created by people not machines and is therefore controllable and changeable.  Understanding that every action has a reaction (the law of thermodynamics) is the most scientific way of explaining that our choices and policies in business affects the people who work there, the product that are produced, the quality, the success, etc. etc. etc.

So think about it.  Be clear.  Be transparent.  Be a company that you’d want to marry.

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