The Power of We

There is no denying the synergy of more than one person coming together to work on a project.  It can feel like magic, especially when the challenge is one which a single person struggled against for awhile.

Have you ever noticed how brainstorming groups accomplish astonishing things in short period of time?  I think the simplicity of the answer to solving our world’s greatest challenges lies within the collective consciousness and knowledge of society.

Practically speaking I’ve noticed a trend recently which is of groups coming together to accomplish projects.  In the past a single organization could hold a meeting and have no problem getting attendees.  Over the past year it has become harder and harder for this type of activity to generate interest and attendance.   I’ve had many conversations in which these organizations express frustration.  Knowing that you are doing something good and having low to no attendance can be depressing.

While this could be due to people being over scheduled or too much ‘noise’ to hear what is going on, it is important to notice what is working.  Organizations which are banding together and holding joint events are getting record attendees and thriving.  This pretty clearly shows me that we have to go into projects with partners, throw events not just with sponsors, but others who share the interests.  Whether for funding, brain power, or draw people to connect it is essential at this point to engage supporters.

It is withing those connections that the Power of We will be fully realized and we will achieve positive changes in our society.


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