Living in Two Worlds

Living in Two Worlds: Or how the current system sucks so I’m choosing Love.

I often feel like I’m living in two different worlds.

In one, I’m expected to dress the part so others know how to judge me.  If I’m married it must be to a man, I have to wear two rings – one encrusted with a large diamond (or more) to demonstrate the value placed on my by my husband.  In this world the brand and cut of my clothing matters and uniformity is key, unless you are wearing a well known designer’s unique line because that indicates money.  In this world that I went to a private high school matters.  It also matters which school.  In this world when I show up to a business meeting my apparent young age is an issue.  So is the fact that I am a woman.  I’m treated differently.  So I’ve learned over the years to conform, like a chameleon blending in to the surroundings.  I had learned how to listen and move within the surrounding culture while at the same time living my personal life as who I truly am.

The other worlds is one in which what is most important is showing up.  Being yourself with all your quirks earns you esteem.  Living your passion and purpose makes you attractive regardless of whether you are made up or not.  A world in which you gift your excess to others so that they are cared for too.  It matters that you choose to take action with consideration to loving all beings in the process.

More and more I’m choosing to live in this world.  What I’m finding is that the more I spend time living in love with life and exploring all the options presented to me the more I enable others to also live their dreams.  I become an example, a beacon of light in the darkness that we call ‘the norm.’  There is no norm.  We are all unique individuals who are only truly fulfilled by seeking and living our soul’s purpose.

Be yourself.  Do what’s right for you.  Both are good ways of saying the same concept.  All I know is that the more I empower myself to be me the more I notice others opening up.  My business, and personal relationships are getting stronger.  And it really does begin to seem that life just keeps getting better.

So take a chance and say what you feel instead of what you think is expected.  Wear white after Labor Day.  Whatever it is that you are doing because you think it is expected, stop, and start to see how your life opens up before your eyes.

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  1. You’ve inspired me, Kirsten! This is such a great reminder, because it’s too easy to just conform and mute our real selves. Over the years, I’ve discovered that the more I own and embrace my unique quirks, the bigger the positive effect it has on other people’s openness, too. So many people are afraid to be their authentic selves, but when they recognize it in another person, it’s like a green light or a positive reinforcement that says “it’s safe to be the real me”. This response is my white after Labor Day, because I have struggled to write in my authentic voice for almost my entire life.

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