In crisis? Remember Your Roots.

I’ve been thinking about the cycle of the year as the leaves begin to show beautiful colors and drift languidly to the ground.  On one level trees appear to be dying.  We know they aren’t because this cycle happens every year in the Northeast. First, the trees change color, then they lose their leaves, and by Winter’s commencement they stand stark as skeletons against the cold and the snow.

But, we also know that every Spring trees bud, sending out new chartreuse leaves to capture the light and grow fully green again.

Life for us can be like this too, only not as predictably.  I can think of times where I’ve felt like everything is ending, breaking apart, or falling down a cliff.  Every time that has happened it has lead to something beautiful opening up.  In the end spring will come.  Every challenge we face gives us the opportunity to experience spring anew and for that I am grateful.

So next time you come upon a heartbreak, fight or something that you might have considered bad in the past remember that it is merely part of the natural cycle of growth and you are getting stronger.

I’ll end by sharing that when I was in Haiti the women sang a song about a tree.  No matter the strength of the hurricane this tree would bend and sway, but never break.  The song was about how the women of Haiti, they were like this tree.

No matter what life throws at you you will not break.  You will grow stronger from any Winter that you face.  You will survive.


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