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At the recent PVGrows Forum one of the speakers reflected that he was there to share his knowledge so that others wouldn’t have to bump their heads into walls the way that he had to learn.  This is a sentiment that I’ve heard expressed in socially responsible business circles for years, but something about the frank way in which this was shared inspired me to write about it. 

Learning to dig a latrine, Haiti '10

If the creation of every light bulb was based on its invention anew every time one was needed then our world would be a very different place.  We’ve gotten where we are by sharing information, and through effective education.  The more that people share their successes and failures the better position we are in to make great change.

Looking at the environmental and social challenges with which we are currently faced, the importance of sharing knowledge is now paramount to broad societal success.  As a group consider that sharing your stories is not only a way to reach into the hearts of your supporters, but also and perhaps more importantly to give to the collective consciousness of our globe.

In order to accomplish great things together, we must reflect on strategies that worked, or didn’t and be willing to share this information with others.  Also called transparency, this practice bolsters because it invites new solutions and support.  Being honest about challenges, and offering innovative solutions makes us stronger as a whole, something we all need to be focused on now if overwhelming global catastrophe is to be avoided.

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  1. Kristen,
    thank you so much for sharing! This is beautifully put and perfectly timed as yesterday marked the end (mostly) of the first stage of coalition-building around the Monadnock Region food system (NH). We are finally ready to stop talking only about vision, mission and coalition structure, and focus more about how members can collaborate or just share now to enhance and support each other’s work within our region. Our listserv goes live today. May I share this with those who sign up?

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