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One of the ways I’ve brought my spirituality to work is through meditation.  Not only a technique for connecting with the self at a fundamental level, this calming, grounding activity is also a helpful way to start meetings, get centered before brainstorming a new project, and just about anything you’d like to do well.

There are many spiritual paths that teach a form of meditation.  Choose one and see how it works for you. The most important aspect is giving the brain the time to reset so that your thoughts can be more clear.

When to use meditation in a business setting:


I tend to start the day with 20 minutes to half an hour.  This has come to be an essential part of the workday for me because without it can takes hours to really settle in and reach full productivity.

As a practice, I believe that to be truly effective that this should be considered part of the scheduled work day.  Yes, I am saying that employees should be encouraged to meditate at work instead of on their own at home or somewhere else.  Why?  Well, first off, they are going to be more likely to do it if given the time.  Also, it is about perspective.  If you only ever meditate in a clam area outside of work, you will associate that calm and relaxed state with being there.  It is therefore beneficial for people to have that same association with their desk or work environment.  Otherwise the work environment can retain associations fraught with struggling and challenges.

Taking 2 minute at the beginning of a meeting to sit with eyes closed and with focus on breath can do wonders for productivity.  It also brings all attention to the present and the discussion at hand.  We all know that the less baggage gets brought into a conversation the better, so why not take that extra minute – it is sure to save you at least 10.

Please feel free to comment on any ways that you’ve been able to incorporate meditation into your work or business interactions.


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  1. Totally agree with you Kirsten – a few minutes in silence, bringing awareness to the present, helps to be more focused and productive through out the day. We are beginning to bring mindfulness practices to business schools and corporations, so it is very encouraging to explore what is possible when everyone is present and compassionate.
    I would love for you to share this article and other thoughts on how meditation informs your work in business and sustainability in our community for mindful living:

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