Fixing Poor Policy

Reversing poor policy decisions is not only possible it is necessary for the health of your business. While it is often easier to start from scratch, sometimes things need to be changed mid-stream. And you should consider it.

As a business owner take a minute to think about the established system of your business.  What are the indicators that you are getting from your employees?   What are the possible reactions of the system to your policy? How will it positively and negatively affect the environment and the culture?  Is the failure or mistake a symptom of something that is under your control?  Regular communication with employees about topics both inside AND outside the company can help.

As an example : If you have open and regular communication you know that Suzie’s overeating might be because of a recent breakup, but what if you don’t?  A potential cause for a change in is that your employees aren’t getting enough exercise.  There are also all sorts of dietary possibilities.  I’ll tell you this, if I had an employee that was gaining weight I’d be concerned that they might not be getting enough breaks as well since sometimes going to food is an experience of needing to step away from what they are doing.

This has many other potential applications, but what it comes down to is that our businesses are small communities.  The more conversation that happens and the more pieces of the puzzle that you have the better when it comes to making decisions to everyone’s benefit.

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