The Young Game Inventor

I want to share something personal with you that I think is funny.  It’s about the first game that I made.  Or at least it is the first one that my parents remembered…

Way back when I was 6 years old, one day I was in class.  The teacher assigned us to separate blocks into piles based on their shape and color.  I followed the directions and then got bored.  It was what I did next that got me into trouble…

I began to play, assigning each of the blocks letters and then wrote sentences with them.  What fun!

When my teacher came around she was quite upset by this, so much so that she talked to my parents about it.  Fortunately, for me, my parents were supportive and said they though what I did was great.

My mother, when she tells this story, does so with a little smirk.  Not to shun the teacher, but because creativity was encouraged and the idea that it might be otherwise was comical.

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