Crowdfunding Reflections, Day 2

I know.  I’ll create a whirlwind and then get inside for the ride.  It’ll be a great idea!

Waste Not ImageWell that’s basically what I’ve done. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled, exhilarated, overjoyed, and full of love and gratitude.  Why?  Well, I get to be the one to bring Waste Not as a card and online game into the world using Indiegogo.   In addition to the wonderful lovey thoughts I’m also tired, my forearms and wrists hurt, and I can’t seem to figure out why my to do list is getting longer even when I’m working more than I’m sleeping.  Any crowd funding campaign will take a lot of energy and now, two days in, I don’t regret this at all.

I would love your help in this endeavor.  Contribute and get yourself a perk.  Share via Social Media.  Comment on the page.

Thank you with all my heart!

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