Unlike Recycling, Upcycling does not need energy above and beyond the call of duty, but it does require some modification. It is also likely that when you are upcycling you are adding other items to the thing you are seeking to create.

Examples of Upcycling

  • Turning used tires into the soles of shoes
  • Melting plastic bags together to make an insulating internal layer for curtains
  • Cutting up an old T-shirt to make cleaning rags

Let’s put this into practice, how might you Upcycle an empty bag of chips?

To check your answer ask yourself if you or another person could do this with relatively little equipment.  If you’d need to send the object a great distance or use intense amounts of energy then you are probably thinking of ReCycling.  If the idea you have doesn’t require changing the shape or basic structure of the material then you are probably thinking of ReUse.  Upcycle on friends!

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