Full Moon Workshop

As a part of the process of gathering the local support and energy to hold the space for a retreat center in Colorado, Anastacia, Indira, and I hosted a small gathering on the full moon.  We focused on bringing together and inviting the women in the North Fork Valley who might be interested.

With all generations and stages of womanhood represented (maiden, mother, crone) we came together on the full moon.  During the night each woman had the opportunity to share with the group what they might like to see happening and what they might be interested in offering in the space all while we shared delicious food under the evening sky.  Later in the evening this exploration included animal spirit guide readings and the collective group playing of crystal singing bowls.

The evening was successful in deepening relationships, and bringing us closer to solidify the feminine foundation of the Eagle’s Nest.  Based on how it went we are likely to continue hosting events on a regular basis, only adding a component where the men have their circle at the same time and then at the end everyone can come together.

What a beautiful journey we are on!

<3 Kirsten

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