Provoking Hope

Triskele - Triple SpiralReading Karen’s recent blog got me to thinking about hope.  While she was talking more about harvesting hope, her post stirred within me the question:

How do we provoke hope in others?

Ok maybe inspire is a better word for it.  I have been learning lately how to tickle instead of poke; to gently move things in the direction I want them to go.  Bring lots of others hope and thereby the motivation to tackle the challenges facing them in their personal transformation and in the greater world is a passion of mine and so I’m inspired to reflect.

Recently, I noticed myself all aflutter at the mental image that Daria gave me in her blog Repurposing Education: Why Dreaming Matters.  The approach that she described that The Future Project takes to inspire high schooler to dream big and make changes in their community seems to create the kind of action that I’m looking to inspire in my games just with a different catalyst. But the Purpose with a capital P that she talks about is the same as the one that Karen brings up and that I believe that we are all seeking to awaken.  Perhaps though it is not just awakening the dreamer but tickling them and allowing them an environment where they can blossom swiftly and in alignment with their true nature.

Repetition is key.  Repetition is Key.  Repetition is key.

A good story teller has you repeating the story… for generations.  Sit with that for a moment.  What in your life has lasted generations?  Probably a fair amount of social programing and beliefs.  And its ok if the story changes a little, just as long as the heart of it is so obvious that it remains intact.  A good book has you sharing it with others, or perhaps buying several copies to create your own lending library.  A good game has you playing over and over.  Repetition is the key engagement, and getting that repetition with a set of beliefs and actions that are beneficial is important to creating change.  We don’t just have to choose to walk tot he store once, we have to make that choice over and over again until it becomes a habit.

Is provoking hope perhaps similar?  In the way that we are not just awakening once, but again and again like a flower unfurling its petals.  In order to have the opportunities to remember that we are divine and able to live on this world in harmony and peace, is it actually necessary to have ‘setbacks’ so that we might more fully open?  The process is beautiful for certain.  Provoking that awakening, inspiring those dreams, and harvesting that hope is love in action.

I wonder if the actual answer to how to create hope is to just allow transformation to happen.  Either way, I’m so happy to have a calling to this purpose and look forward to what petal will open next.  I’m sure it will be beautiful.

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