Unique Ideas for a Better Organization

Many of us have successfully looked at creative models that look like they can work within our businesses.  Models that might just help us to be the change we wish to see. What we have not done is take the leap into the unique and revolutionary. Here are some ideas that I’ve heard about that I think are worth looking at…

  1. Pollin8r
    The concept of Pollin8r’s compensation structure is based around everyone feeling and being abundant.  Employee benefits packages are paid based on what they need to feel abundant. The focus is on having all needs met AND the paying down of debt.  Imagine if everyone had what they needed…
  2. Ronit Herzfeld
    Ronit shared with me about collaboration from the perspective of living your truth in every moment. Holding back nothing and giving 100% of you at all times as necessary for health. We bring what we have to the table. This might look like giving our time to others (2 hours) and asking for their expertise in return (2 hours.) What may seem like barter really engages people to share skills and get more involved in each others projects.
  3. Using games & Heroic Journey Stories  to explain concepts such as The Meatrix. There are more of my thoughts about this in Changing Cultural Norms through Storytelling.)
  4. Ernesto – Tedx speaker
    Shut up and listen. Community meetings don’t work. Build relationships and help people get what they want and then they will come to you.


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