Change is the Norm

I was reading a blog on The Sacred Science website and it got me thinking about resistance to change.  Just as we can not stop the night from following the day, we cannot deny the coming of change from our lives and to try to do so is only going to induce stress.

Change is normal in every day of our lives.  We wash our bodies, change our clothing, finish containers of food in the house…  On a more global scale the sun rises and sets, seasons come and go.  Days give way to weeks, week to months, and months to years…

Seasonal change the type of nourishment that is available from the land.  As years pass our knowledge grows and our lives take on different forms.  Part of the meaning of being alive is to embrace these changes with comfort.

While worry about change can cause feelings of tightness and stress, reframe those changes as inevitable and instead look forward to the changes that come with time.

I was watching After Earth with Eli and the father (Will Smith) was speaking to his son about the moment he stopped being afraid.  It was while the monster that sees through the smell of fear had impaled him and he was fearful about dying.  And then it just changed.  He no longer cared.  There is great freedom in releasing fear.

“The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm.” This quote from Confucius reminds us that our flexibility in thought and action are what keep us alive in times of change.

Additionally the women of Port-au-Prince, Haiti have a song that I heard them singing to each other after the earthquake.  The gist of the song was that the women of Haiti are strong in hurricanes; they hold on with their roots and bend when the rain and winds come like a (local tree whose name I don’t remember.)  You get the point.  Dig your roots deep and be solid in who you are, but flexible in that face of anything that comes your way.

The moral of the story is: Embrace change.  It happens.

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