Buried Treasure

This year Halloween falls the day after a new moon: the darkest point of the month and the prime time to set intentions to root down into the Earth new intentions for transformation.  What a perfect time to bury a golden treasure!

The treasure I chose to bury has a lot to do with one of my pastimes, herbal medicine, although it is more akin to the Hippocrates quote ‘Let food be thy medicine.’  Have you guessed yet?  I made fire cider!!!

My fire cider. Layered up, soaking in vinegar, and ready to sit!

I’ve been making my own fire cider for a few years.  I was spurred into doing so more often after the controversy surrounding the trademark raged.  Wanting to check proportions I went to the Mountain Rose blog, which gave me not only the amounts I was seeking (I can never remember how much horseradish to use) but also some new ideas of what to include.  In the blog I learned that it was customary to bury the fire cider and then to dig it up a month later for a celebratory feast.  Well look at that!  I made my fire cider batch near the new moon and Thanksgiving was roughly the following new moon. A tart and zingy coincidence that I’d be able to bury my intentions for healing along with the medicine I’d be using to heal.

Today, I buried the jar in my garden.  I felt like a pirate leaving an ‘x’ of wilted nasturtium leaves to mark the spot.  I’m looking forward to digging it back up, straining out all of the pungent aromatics and then using them for some delicious recipe (to be determined.)  I expect as it has in year past that the fire cider will bring my house health and wellness as well as a zesty tasting addition to meals.



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