Going For A Sniff

I used to pretend that when I took my dog out we were going for a walk.  To me this was a structured thing.  I had in my imagination that we’d go out and walk briskly.  Then at some point the dog would take one break to pee and another to poo and then we’d continue along our route briskly returning home.

I quickly found out that I was wrong, which you probably already knew.    Instead my daily walks looked more like a time for my puppy and now dog to sniff everything in sight.  Repeatedly.  For extended periods of time.  Sometimes we’d find ourselves in the same spot for several minutes.   When I let him he can wax poetic with a stick or a flower sniffing until he gets a glazed look in his eyes, looking intoxicated by the object before him and all its smells.  When I remember how happy it makes him and can shake myself out of my schedule and how many minutes I have before I need to leave I take the time and notice the world around me as well.  

Today as I went with Razzie for a sniff I took in the changing season.  I watched bees buzzing around the final flowers blooming as fall clearly settled in.  When I looked down I saw my sweet angel dog waiting patiently for me to finish taking in the beauty of the world.  

Today Razzie shared with me an important lesson in being with the world around me.  Of allowing myself to experience the beauty around me and allowing the companions that I travel with that same experience. I can clearly see that I need to walk him earlier or that I’ll simply be late to appointments on occasion because taking him for a sniff instead of a walk is much more important.

Kirsten Bonanza is a lifetime animal lover who enjoys writing and spending time outdoors.  Raziel, her trusty companion, is a mini Dachshund- Beagle mix with an unstoppable nose and ears that can hear a squirrel fart several blocks away.  He also goes by Razzie B. Whiskerton, Razzle Dazzle, Razzie, and Mister.  She also goes by… Kirsten.

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