Facebook: A Tool Not Evil

Facebook is just a thing.  A tool.  Something on the internet that someone though up to try to serve a function.  You may or may not like that function, but that is just what it is.   Right now a lot of people use Facebook because it works to fill their needs.  In fact, social media is constantly changing and updating and the way that you use it may be completely different than the way someone else does.

One day there may be something else that we decide to use.  But the thing is Facebook itself is not evil.  It may be a time suck for some, allowing them to drift into a world entirely (dis) connected to the one apart from the screen, but the thing itself is not a time suck.

People get distracted because they don’t practice not getting distracted.  I mean yes, there are links to the way something works and patterns of behavior, I mean why do you think that grocery stores are all laid out similarly or the same musak is playing when you call the doctor or the IRS? But it is still an individuals responsibility to face their choices and make decisions as to how they behave if they wish to live the life they want to live.

We are not taught this in school though.  No one sat me down and explained that behavior was based on pattern and that I was responsible for making sure I developed that habits that I wanted.  Sometimes it is a struggle to remember this self-empowerment when faced with hours cycling through statuses, likes, and comments.  If I am owned by the social media itself it is my choice.  AND I have the ability to make a different choice.  For if truly we are out of control when it comes to decisions that persuasive advertising and things that make us behave certain ways should not allowed to exist, no?

As a tool, Facebook makes decisions that it wishes because people continue to use it and amazing things are happening because of this access.  Live stream meditation or injustice as it unfolds.  Use it to promote your event.  Share news with family and friends worldwide.  None of these actions are inherently wrong.  People who choose not to go on are making their choice.  People who choose to take breaks are making their choice.  Neither is wrong.

Addictive behaviors and why we seek them have nothing to do with the tools available to us.  They have to do with how we are hard wired in this world.  The internet is born of how we interact with it, not to manipulate it but because we understand ourselves so well.  

So use Facebook and perhaps instead of railing on, think of the ways in which you can cultivate a healthy relationship with this tool instead of blaming it for the choices that you make.  And in the end maybe take a look at yourself and what you are avoiding looking at in the first place that drive overuse?

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