I gave up on sleep

** A short part of what will one day be a longer creative writing piece.**

I gave up on sleep.  Or did sleep give up on me?  This morning, I’m not sure which it is.  And so I roll over with all the enthusiasm of someone who has had a night full of dreams about being chased, surrounded by evil people, and frustrated at every turn, only to try to divine information from the symbols and continually have images from The Road pop into my head.  Great.  That’s going to make jumping into my day so much more fun. Not to mention that I only have until Friday to do a massive quantity of work.  I’ll be taking a small bite out of a massive rotting corpse.  Unpleasant.  I feel like this will take me longer than I committed to. But I have no choice now.  Really I do and I should be a lot less negative about this all.  Sit down.  Maybe meditate.  Feel one with everything around me and smile.  Maybe yoga and a run will help this off kilter brain to get back on track.  

Instead I log onto the computer and open Firefox.  Getting ready to check email and Facebook, as if either will have some insight on how to gain my positiveness back.

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