Going Inside

I’m not a doctor & I’m not a surgeon and so without the help of the Magic School Bus going into my anatomy I can’t actually see what’s going on inside of my body. Except I can.

We reflect our internal landscape on the external losing a job, shifting partners; all of these things are reflective of what’s going on inside of us. ¬†Sometimes what seems bad may actually be good. It may be a sign of growth and change. And so an answer to a ¬†difficult question may be to look inside when you notice something happening on the outside that doesn’t work for you.

Taking time to meditate or deeply reflect on patterns in your life are two really great and easy ways to help create a change or shift when it seems like things are stuck or never going to be any different. Especially if there’s something that you don’t like perhaps it’s just calling for change right now.

10 minutes of meditation a day shifts your life more than reading thousands of books.

So try it – commit to 21 days of sitting for 10 minutes you’re goal in the meditation the matter what style is to calm your mind when your mind is calm you can really listen to what it wants what your body wants and where you’d like to go unclouded sky without worries without fears what is the love what is the passion that wells up from deep within your soul? In case you’ve never done it here’s how to meditate. See in a place comfortably where you won’t be interrupted especially in the beginning and close your eyes can focus on a single point or on a mantra om money Pamay home is one of my favorites

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