Everything Heals

Everything heals.

I’ve been reminded of this often lately by friends, loved ones, and even a song or two.  It is a concept that I believe to be true and I wrap that understanding into my life on a daily basis.

Before you get your hackles raised think about it for a minute. How do you change how you interact with the world around you if this is true? It is probable that there are some attitudes that would change drastically. I know for myself that I live with more joy and freedom. I’m less stressed, less worried about what comes next.  The root cause of disease is something going wrong in the body, stress and upset are big triggers in this so anything that can be done to shift one’s perspective to being more easygoing and relaxed will have a positive net gain on the body.  If you don’t believe this try searching for ‘stress causes disease’ and you’ll be astounded into believing by science.

It can be hard when mired in personal, community, or world tragedy to hold this thought in mind.  In fact during those times you might downright feel resistant to anything having to do with it.  But try to let a little acceptance creep in.  But sitting back and relaxing isn’t the suggestion here.  The suggestion is to try to understand that there is healing potential within every situation.  While action and planning might be needed as well, having a positive mindset can only help the situation.

So whether it is true that each tragedy or occurrence literally goes inside your body and can transform you into someone more healthy, maintaining an attitude that this is the truth allows you to BE more healthy.

More soon on feeling all the emotions…

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