Wild Wanderings: Ramps

I will probably reflect many more times than once how every time that it comes for me to become connected to a new plant friend it shows up in droves.  This story is of my meeting with Ramps, the wild allium that brightly, if not pungently, welcomes the growing season in the springtime.

To be clear I’m not a professional forager (does that even exist?,) or a plant biologist; I’m just a layperson who has been introducing herself to plants for years.  All I do is walk in the woods and fields that surround my day-to-day and introduce myself to the landscape and the things that live there.  Sometimes I sing to them, and sometimes have conversations.  The conversations can be aloud musings or subtly energetic exchanges of awareness and information.  Over time I’ve become friends with various plants along the way and in return they freely offer me sustenance I can not buy in the grocery store.

This past spring was the spring of the ramps.  I’ve wanted to harvest them for years, but even with guide books didn’t feel confident enough with this one.  Of course with what I know now its easy, but then they say hindsight is 20/20. Continue reading “Wild Wanderings: Ramps”

Sacred Corn Prayer

Prayer to Sacred Corn Mother

Sacred Corn Mother carry me

into a place of fertility.

May the seeds in my hand

be a blessing to all the land.

Sacred planting, Spirit dear

my words and intentions clearly hear.

I dedicate this planting to

all beings so they may live free and true.

Spirit grow the roots strong and deep

for future generations knowledge I keep.

Blossom fruits hardy and lush

from the cradle of Earth’s soil and my touch.

This was written as was shared with me by Spirit back in 2015.  When I grow my corn I always share this prayer with it prior to planting. Reach out if you are interested in buying corn for ceremonial use.

Buried Treasure

This year Halloween falls the day after a new moon: the darkest point of the month and the prime time to set intentions to root down into the Earth new intentions for transformation.  What a perfect time to bury a golden treasure!

The treasure I chose to bury has a lot to do with one of my pastimes, herbal medicine, although it is more akin to the Hippocrates quote ‘Let food be thy medicine.’  Have you guessed yet?   Continue reading “Buried Treasure”

Getting in the (Gardening) Zone

Every year sometime between when the sap starts to flow, or before, and when the first tree leaves have burst from their buds to encase the natural world in a layer of pollen and chartreuse leaflets I begin to feel the stirring in my blood.  It must be the same inner sense that tells the skunk cabbage to start blossoming, emitting massive amounts of heat and becoming the first food available  to bears as they come out of hibernation because it certainly isn’t the temperature or a massive amount of daylight.  The days are getting longer its true, but that isn’t what makes me reach for the box of seeds stored for the long winter in the basement. Continue reading “Getting in the (Gardening) Zone”

The Fire Cider Primer

Ball jar filled with apple cider vinegar, onion, garlic, ginger, tumeric, horseradish, commonly called Fire Cider this is a healing remedy for colds and flus
My percolating Fire Cider

This week, I made my own Fire Cider based on Rosemary’s recipe, I’ve make other versions before when I was feeling ill, and I’m taking the opportunity to raise awareness of this simple healing recipe and get it into more hands.  Really that’s one of the best things that this conflict has done.

In the last few days there has been an uproar in the herbalism community.  While you might not think that could possibly be very loud, consider that the uproar overflowed into the Permaculture, healthy lifestyle, and organic foods sectors as well and that it might be an indicator of greater system change.

Some basics before I jump into what I think is behind what’s going on AND potential implications for the future based on how this situation plays out.   Continue reading “The Fire Cider Primer”