The 80’s

No matter what I do here I can’t seem to get away from the 80’s.  When I first arrived it was the background music in the cafe I had the exorbitantly price wine. 

80’s music and other early American pop was playing  at Lövebakken the restaurant where I had my first dinner. 

Now I am on my second day and there is an exhibit on the 80’s in the Norwegian Folk Museum.  ‘Take on me’ was playing when I walked in.  I wandered through the interesting exhibit learning more about Norway in the 80’s.   I also got to stroll down memory lane a little since so many products, styles, and entertainment were the same in both Norway and the USA at that time.  

Getting to the back of the room there was a Michael Jackson movie playing.   I don’t know if they chose to play it because of his recent death or prior to it.  At least in American right now it feels like you can’t get away from Michael Jackson.

So here they are the two things I cannot seem to escape Michael Jackson and the 80’s.  Let’s see if it is the same in Sweden