Evolving Consciousness as a Human Right

“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.” So begins the United Nations document The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Twenty two years ago I was faced with sexual slavery for the first time.  It was on a water testing trip with my high school to the Amazon basin and we were passed on the river by barges heading to supply the people looking for gold.  One of the supplies that barges carried were girls my age.  I was 14 at the time and that event made an impression on me.  One of my goals in life would become to create a world in which slavery couldn’t couldn’t exist. (Not to mention the practice of dumping mercury into the water to retrieve gold isn’t the best idea for the environment.)

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Women & Spirit in Business

Triskele Circle

During my studies at Goddard College they encouraged us to spend time looking at who we were.  During that time I felt that I became more deeply connected with my spiritual side, beginning to live it as my life more and more every day.

Years later I find myself continually drawn to increasing my connection with my own spirituality and  making sure that this has a front and center place with the work that I am doing.  It is important to me that my work increases my connection with my spirituality and that my spirituality brings to my work benefits as well.

It was as this connection deepened that the conversation around forming Women & Spirit in Business began with Karen Ribeiro, Shalini Bahl, and Val Nelson while sitting around a table at Essalon Cafe in Hadley.  Continue reading “Women & Spirit in Business”

Meditation & Business

One of the ways I’ve brought my spirituality to work is through meditation.  Not only a technique for connecting with the self at a fundamental level, this calming, grounding activity is also a helpful way to start meetings, get centered before brainstorming a new project, and just about anything you’d like to do well.

There are many spiritual paths that teach a form of meditation.  Choose one and see how it works for you. The most important aspect is giving the brain the time to reset so that your thoughts can be more clear.

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Sharing Knowledge

At the recent PVGrows Forum one of the speakers reflected that he was there to share his knowledge so that others wouldn’t have to bump their heads into walls the way that he had to learn.  This is a sentiment that I’ve heard expressed in socially responsible business circles for years, but something about the frank way in which this was shared inspired me to write about it.  Continue reading “Sharing Knowledge”

Living in Two Worlds

Living in Two Worlds: Or how the current system sucks so I’m choosing Love.

I often feel like I’m living in two different worlds.

In one, I’m expected to dress the part so others know how to judge me.  If I’m married it must be to a man, I have to wear two rings – one encrusted with a large diamond (or more) to demonstrate the value placed on my by my husband.  In this world the brand and cut of my clothing matters and uniformity is key, unless you are wearing a well known designer’s unique line because that indicates money.  In this world that I went to a private high school matters.  It also matters which school.  In this world when I show up to a business meeting my apparent young age is an issue.  So is the fact that I am a woman.  I’m treated differently.  So I’ve learned over the years to conform, like a chameleon blending in to the surroundings.  I had learned how to listen and move within the surrounding culture while at the same time living my personal life as who I truly am. Continue reading “Living in Two Worlds”