Old fashioned carrots

carrot1Someone I know was recently sitting on a bus in the Pioneer Valley and two college-aged women were nearby. One of the women pulled out a carrot and started to eat it.

“Where’d you get that old fashioned carrot?” the other girl asked.

That comment shows us the disconnect that many people have to the food that they eat and where it comes from. It also tell me that education is important so that people know what vegetables look like out of the ground and before they are processed.

Teaching to the future…

I think at some point we have all heard that we are teaching today’s children for jobs that do not yet exist. How do you do that?!

One way is to look into the future and imagine what skills the children of today will need. I believe that in order to accomplish this a revolution in teaching style and content is necessary.

So let’s imagine…
Based on the current environmental situations around the world we are looking at a few different possible futures (adapted from Green for All/ Van Jones):
eco-equity – Green for all
eco-chic/ apartheid – Green for some but not all
eco-apocalypse – Green for none

Since the key is to success is working towards the positive, let’s imagine then the best possible outcome. The one in which equality is key. What would you need to teach today’s student so that they are able to have the skills necessary to not just live, but to thrive in a post-petroleum world?

There in no question that we will one day run out of oil. It is a finite resource. You should believe this if you also agree with the statement “the earth is round.” What I am referring to is peak oil.

Since the question is not if but when we move to a post-oil world, we really do need to create systems and have them in place so that when this inevitability happens we are prepared.

I believe that our education system is broken and has been for awhile. I have felt this and wondered how to deal with it. I have been to conferences where it was discussed, but in the past 6 years I have not seen any major changes or revolutions.

I believe that we can, together, imagine, or re-imagine what we need to teach to students so that they will be prepared for the mess that they have been left. To teach the skills that will be practical for the jobs in sectors that don’t exist yet.

So let’s think.

Rebuild our education system in a way that we are teaching those skills.

What skills can you imagine might be important? What information is currently untaught or outside of the curriculum that becomes important?

And last but certainly not least->
Viva la revolution!