Booritos & Transformation

People wait on a long line to get burritos from Chipotle on Halloween
Boorito Night: A cell phone picture of a very long line.

or What Chipotle and the Dali Lama have in common.
(hint: They are able to touch and transform a lot of people)

Lately I’ve been spending quite a bit of time thinking about gifting and inviting abundance into my life. I’ve also been very focused on personal transformation.  I’ve done breath work, dream analysis, meditation, et cetera.  I’m following this path because I can feel and see changes happening in my life and in the lives of those around me and its powerful stuff.

But much of the change that I’ve seen is localized or only affects a certain sector of the population that can afford it.  While I see the consciousness of the business world shifting through my friends’ businesses at SVN I wasn’t seeing much mainstream or popularized that really grabbed our transforming planet by the balls and… ok maybe a different metaphor.  Not that they weren’t doing enough.  They just hadn’t gone off the high dive.  I’ve been seeing the change as we live the words of Ghandi, and even some cool new products and businesses, but holy crap Chipotle just did a cannon ball into a pool that’s only had a little splashing.

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Changing Culture Norms through Storytellling

Cultural norms help to shape who we are. The stories that we hear every day. Those going against those norms are often outcast, but they are brave and being true to themselves in their actions.

What if this was all about gaining equality. Equality in the races, in gender, in identity. We are all people after all. Men had been forced to hide their feminine side and women their masculine. Many behaviors seek to overly espouse the opposite. Business women with short hair in suits. Women smoking. Or driven to over expression through hiding their true nature. Men who become over powering and violent in action. Culturally we seek to numb and hide in our actions. Drinking, drugs, over-consumption. We are obviously sick and getting sicker. While some of this can be attributed to our diets, those have been controlled by the cultural norms and so we must look deeper at the root. Continue reading “Changing Culture Norms through Storytellling”

Crowdfunding Reflections, Day 2

I know.  I’ll create a whirlwind and then get inside for the ride.  It’ll be a great idea!

Waste Not ImageWell that’s basically what I’ve done. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled, exhilarated, overjoyed, and full of love and gratitude.  Why?  Well, I get to be the one to bring Waste Not as a card and online game into the world using Indiegogo.   In addition to the wonderful lovey thoughts I’m also tired, my forearms and wrists hurt, and I can’t seem to figure out why my to do list is getting longer even when I’m working more than I’m sleeping.  Any crowd funding campaign will take a lot of energy and now, two days in, I don’t regret this at all.

I would love your help in this endeavor.  Contribute and get yourself a perk.  Share via Social Media.  Comment on the page.

Thank you with all my heart!

The Young Game Inventor

I want to share something personal with you that I think is funny.  It’s about the first game that I made.  Or at least it is the first one that my parents remembered…

Way back when I was 6 years old, one day I was in class.  The teacher assigned us to separate blocks into piles based on their shape and color.  I followed the directions and then got bored.  It was what I did next that got me into trouble…

I began to play, assigning each of the blocks letters and then wrote sentences with them.  What fun!

When my teacher came around she was quite upset by this, so much so that she talked to my parents about it.  Fortunately, for me, my parents were supportive and said they though what I did was great.

My mother, when she tells this story, does so with a little smirk.  Not to shun the teacher, but because creativity was encouraged and the idea that it might be otherwise was comical.

Making Education a Pull not a Push

This TED talk by Charles Leadbeater is great.  He bring into the conversation third world examples of education.  Some of the great points and innovations that I think he hits on include:

1) Project based learning which has to be productive.

2) The inclusion of creativity and using games to teach.

3) Using the Chinese restaurant model – it spreads, looks different depending on where you are, but is recognizable for what it is.


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