Getting in the (Gardening) Zone

Every year sometime between when the sap starts to flow, or before, and when the first tree leaves have burst from their buds to encase the natural world in a layer of pollen and chartreuse leaflets I begin to feel the stirring in my blood.  It must be the same inner sense that tells the skunk cabbage to start blossoming, emitting massive amounts of heat and becoming the first food available  to bears as they come out of hibernation because it certainly isn’t the temperature or a massive amount of daylight.  The days are getting longer its true, but that isn’t what makes me reach for the box of seeds stored for the long winter in the basement. Continue reading “Getting in the (Gardening) Zone”

Why You Should Pay Your Child To Garden

How I learned to care for living things, make money, and eat healthy

Gardening, especially for food, was one of the things I remember most about my childhood. I had a small space near the house that was mine to tend and nurture. I loved marigolds and how when you deadheaded them the bushes grew stronger and produced more flowers so they were always along the border.

One of the others gardens I tended was the family vegetable garden. This is did with the help of my sister and, of course, the mastermind, our father. He took care of most of the main planting and work. He planted everything you could imagine. Bok Choi before it became popular was one of his experiments as were peanuts and loofah.

Its funny because when I mention to people that we had a vegetable garden they are typically respond with ‘That’s nice’ Then if I mention the peanuts they get confused… wait didn’t you grow up in NY? Can peanuts even grow there? The answer is yes. Continue reading “Why You Should Pay Your Child To Garden”

Vacation Nightmares Reversed

-or- How to save your community garden plot after time away.

So you went on vacation or perhaps to a conference this summer and come back to find your garden a jungle. Things flourished while you were away, which is good because you can now easily feed a family of 16, unfortunately the other things that are doing well are the weeds…

Don’t fret! Your garden can depart from its current status of being in a shambles without backbreaking, sweat-running-into-your-eyes work. Here are a few tips to get back in shape before the next round of inspections without losing your mind or hurting yourself. Continue reading “Vacation Nightmares Reversed”