City Bees

Cities could save bees?

Reading The Grist I came across a blurb about cities saving bees. Following this summary back to the original article in the Telegraph I read up and developed a few questions about the real potential for city apiaries’ ability to provide a safe haven to these stinging pollinators.

So what is the solution to our declining bee populations? Well in order to figure out any challenge you have to look at the underlying problem and then try to find a sustainable solution for that situation. Continue reading “City Bees”

Turn around or go with the flow?

Life is like this. Often you think the only choice is to stop and return the way you came. Going with the flow and trying a different approach may be the best option. Trying something new when faced with situations as they arise is not a bad idea. Sometimes you find more efficient way of dealing with a problem than what past habits allowed.

Don’t forget what Einstein said “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

So go ahead and try a new approach. Be creative. (But safe too!)

I live nearly at the end of a street and on the left so that when I am driving home I habitually end up facing away from the direction in which I want to be pointed when I leave.

Eventually I realized that I have two choices, I can either do a three point turn (Option A), or I can continue another 200 feet and go around to the next block that will take me to where I need to go (Option B.)

Option A stops my car in its tracks, twice, potentially slows down the road, is difficult when there are a lot of other cars parked on the narrow street, and is generally annoying.

Option B takes the same amount of time, doesn’t block the road, and allows me to continue in a a way that feels unhindered.

Actually, there is an Option C as well, which combines the ease of Option B and adds the convenience of being pointed in the direction I want to be when I am leaving. That would simply be turning one street early and going around the block on the way in.

Was there a point to this? Yup, I now know a more efficient way to park my car and to think about problems or annoyances.

Of course, I could always go with Option D and park the car in the driveway…