Wild Wanderings: Ramps

I will probably reflect many more times than once how every time that it comes for me to become connected to a new plant friend it shows up in droves.  This story is of my meeting with Ramps, the wild allium that brightly, if not pungently, welcomes the growing season in the springtime.

To be clear I’m not a professional forager (does that even exist?,) or a plant biologist; I’m just a layperson who has been introducing herself to plants for years.  All I do is walk in the woods and fields that surround my day-to-day and introduce myself to the landscape and the things that live there.  Sometimes I sing to them, and sometimes have conversations.  The conversations can be aloud musings or subtly energetic exchanges of awareness and information.  Over time I’ve become friends with various plants along the way and in return they freely offer me sustenance I can not buy in the grocery store.

This past spring was the spring of the ramps.  I’ve wanted to harvest them for years, but even with guide books didn’t feel confident enough with this one.  Of course with what I know now its easy, but then they say hindsight is 20/20. Continue reading “Wild Wanderings: Ramps”