Nurturing a Dream

Recently when I was talking to someone about wanting to do more game and education design I found myself starting out by saying “I’m thinking about maybe…” I had to stop myself because I’m not thinking about maybe, I’m really very interested in and want to actively pursue this. What I decided was that the wording of the phrase didn’t allow me to own the truth of the matter. My new phrase, which feels much more in line with how I’m feeling is that “I’m nurturing a little dream in my heart.” I’m going to use this phrase more to express my desires and intents.

Try it on for size: I’m nurturing a little dream in my heart…

No news is good news. Wait. Why is that?

Ever heard the phrase no news is good news?  This phrase to me makes it seem like the only news should be negative.  Well I don’t think so and neither does

Your Olive Branch is immersing itself into the information and communications realm as a portal of positive news at the intersection of peace and sustainability.  It is great because it effectively hits on the needs of so many who are dis-illusioned with the current offerings while providing a much needed nectar for those seeking nourishment for their soul. Continue reading “No news is good news. Wait. Why is that?”


My Facebook status reads: Taxes
Steve responds: Spends

As I tried to think of a funny way to continue this conversation the words that came to mind were ‘Drains’ or ‘Exhausts.’  While debating, my internal semantics critic began to shout.  “Do you realize,” the critic asked “that all of those words are about draining and taking away?!” Continue reading “Taxes”

What are best practices anyway?

Best practices: these mysterious things that I hear talked about again and again.  I have been told that we need to look for and implement them.   The idea sounds good.  Look for what works and repeat everywhere.

I do not believe it is that simple.  I’ve been giving it some thought lately and the challenge I see is that what is best for one community is not necessarily the best for another.

Different communities certainly have in common that they are groups of people, however, that is potentially the end of the similarities between any two groups.  The cultural personality of one community changes the way it’s participants interact with each other and with information. This cultural difference is what makes a community alive, vibrant and unique. To say that any one idea will ever work in every type of community is simply wrong.

While the truly ‘best practices’ out there are the ones which work for many different cultures and communities, it is also possible to have a project that is incredibly specialized to one culture, and which is able to have a great effect on it.

So, I propose a change of wording or rather a clarification. Let’s search for ‘net positive practices’. In that phrasing there is no assumption of rank, just an acknowledgment that an initiative or plan worked.